The Air Link Gen 3 is the Ideal Chassis Suspension for Vocational Vehicles

Nov 27, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

Now that it’s almost December, heavy snow and icy roads aren’t far behind. Municipalities and private fleets with vocational vehicles ranging from refuse trucks and dump trucks to cement mixers and fire trucks, will soon be looking to add chains to their tires to improve traction and safety. In many locations, dump trucks and refuse …

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The Triton Air Suspension is Engineered for the Most Grueling Industries

Aug 30, 2019 Bill Ott

In the world of truck suspensions, there are heavy-duty suspensions and then there are HEAVY-DUTY suspensions. Tipping the scales at a 105K capacity with +/- 4 inches of articulation, our 100% off-highway rated Triton chassis suspension is in a class by itself. It’s only fitting that I’m writing about Triton as we head into Labor …

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Advantages of Our 13.5K Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspension with Air Disc Brakes

Aug 16, 2019 Joel Van Den Brink

As you hopefully know, our 13.5K self-steer auxiliary suspension with air disc brakes recently became available. Disc brakes, which have been standard on passenger vehicles for many years, are becoming increasingly popular in the trucking industry. In fact, according to Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, air disc brakes can currently be found on approximately 25 percent …

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Evolution of Internship Program at Link Manufacturing

Jul 31, 2019 Don Van Den Top

It’s the time of year when many college students begin wrapping up their summer internships and turn their attention to the start of the fall semester. With seven interns currently on staff across a variety of departments, I can’t help but feel proud of how the internship program at Link has evolved and grown over …

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Link Employees Celebrate Our 2 Millionth Cabmate

May 24, 2019 Jim Huls

This week was one of the most memorable and rewarding weeks in my 25 years at Link as we celebrated the production of our two millionth Cabmate premium cab suspension. While we made the official announcement yesterday, the real highlight was the celebration where our management team and special guests were able to recognize and …

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TMC 2019 Focus: How Technology Can Help Tackle Trucking Industry Challenges

Mar 29, 2019 Zane McCarthy

I spent the better part of last week at TMC 2019 in Atlanta, the annual conference of the ATA Technology & Maintenance Council. This is one of the leading educational events for the trucking industry and is designed to provide fleet owners and operators with the latest information on how to improve maintenance, sustainability and …

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Our New Family of Self-Steer Auxiliary Suspensions Will Simply Outperform All Others

Mar 7, 2018 Michael Hof

Link Manufacturing originally made its mark in the trucking industry with Cabmate, which has become the leading cab air suspension system for Class 7 and 8 trucks. Over the years we’ve become known as a premier manufacturer of auxiliary suspensions as well. Our self-steer and non-steer auxiliary suspensions are trusted by OEMs, fleet owners and …

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Driven to Outperform for Customers and Employees in 2018

Feb 13, 2018 Jim Huls

As many of you know, Denny Michels retired at the end of 2017 and I took on the role of president at Link Manufacturing beginning January 1st. I want to take a moment today to reflect on some of the key achievements we accomplished in 2017, and what’s in store for Link in the year …

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Fond Memories As I Wrap Up 30 Years at Link

Dec 20, 2017 Denny Michels

The end of 2017 caps my 30-year career at Link Manufacturing as President and CEO. I feel incredibly honored and fortunate to have served such an exemplary company, comprised of some of the best people anyone could ask to work with. As I approach the end of my time with this great company, I find …

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Run on Less Drivers Exceed Fuel Efficiency Standards Despite Setbacks

Sep 21, 2017 Michael Hof

As the Run on Less demonstration enters its final days of tracking seven fleet drivers fuel efficiency, many are waiting for the final results to be unveiled at the NACV show on Sept. 24. Despite reports of challenges the drivers have faced such as road congestion from the eclipse and evacuees from hurricane Irma, Joel …

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